Stress perspectives on acculturation.

  title={Stress perspectives on acculturation.},
  author={John W. Berry},
  • J. Berry
  • Published 1 August 2006
  • Psychology
Psychological acculturation and juvenile delinquency: comparing Moroccan immigrant families from a general and pretrial detention population.
It was found that boys in pretrial detention were clearly overrepresented in the integrated psychological acculturation class and under represented in the separated psychological accULTuration class when the authors compared them with the boys in the general population.
The Role of Wisdom in the Cross-Cultural Adaptation of Chinese Visiting Scholars to Canada: A Mediation Model
This study examines the role of wisdom in the cross-cultural adaptation of Chinese visiting scholars in Canada, as mediated by different coping styles. Path analysis was used to for hypotheses
Code-switching, Attitudes, and Identity Among Cantonese-English Bilinguals
Code-switching is the spontaneous switching from one language to another within a single speech event (Appel & Muysken, 1987). It is often performed by bilinguals who have mastered a communicative
The Mental Health and Wellbeing of EU Citizens in the UK: A Systematic Review of the Qualitative Literature
Moving to a new country impacts on migrants’ mental health and well-being. There are over 3.6 million European Union citizens living in the United Kingdom. We conducted a systematic review of the
Acculturation Coping Leads to Heightened Sensitivity to Socially Hurtful Events
Abstract This research examined the hypothesis that challenging experiences in acculturation may lead to heightened reactivity to socially hurtful events. Study 1 found that compared to a prime of
Teacher Practices in the Acquisition of English among Asian Immigrant English Language Learners.
Purpose – The increase in the enrolments of immigrant children in New Zealand seems to have posed great challenges to early childhood education services when it comes to developing the children’s
Refugee Children Acculturation: Group Process in Schools as Cultural Microcosms.
In the US, school attendance is mandated for refugee children. These children endure sudden immersion and must acculturate into this novel culture, whose customs often vastly diverge from their
Cross-cultural transition, coping, and social support: relationships among psychological outcomes among British Migrants in Australia
An adequate background is provided, avoiding detailed literature survey or a summary of the results, and any references cited in the abstract must be given in full.


Social Networks, Social Support, and their Relationship to Depression among Immigrant Mexican Women
This empirical study uses data derived from a community survey of women of Mexican descent in San Diego County in order to identify characteristics of immigrant social networks, and determine how
Where's the "Culture" in Cross-Cultural Transition?
Research examined psychological and sociocultural adjustment during cross-cultural transitions in two groups of sojourners. One hundred and forty-five Malaysian and Singaporean students in New
The aim of this study was to replicate and extend the study of Bochner et al. (1977) which presented a functional model for the development of overseas student friendship patterns. Whereas Bochner et
Marginality, Stress and Ethnic Identification in an Acculturated Aboriginal Community
Psychological changes which result from culture contact and social change have been described for many years within a number of theoretical frameworks, among which is the theory of Marginal Man:
Ethnic categorization and outgroup exclusion: Cultural values and social stereotypes in the construction of ethnic hierarchies
Abstract In this article three approaches to define and explain negative ethnic attitudes are discussed: the anthropology of cultural misunderstanding, the sociology of how differences in group
Multicultural and ethnic attitudes in Canada: An overview of the 1991 National Survey.
AbstractA national survey of multicultural and ethnic attitudes was carried out in June 1991, with a representative sample of 2500 respondents, and oversamples in Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver
Comparative Studies of Acculturative Stress 1
A series of studies of acculturative stress is reported, involving immigrants, refugees, Native peoples, sojourners and ethnic groups in Canada. Acculturative stress is defined as a reduction in