Stress of a Flat End Plate with a Manhole

  title={Stress of a Flat End Plate with a Manhole},
  author={Hisashi Ouchida and Hiroshi Koizumi},
  • Hisashi Ouchida, Hiroshi Koizumi
  • Published 1954
  • Physics
  • A flat end plate with a manhole is preferable for a pressure vessel such as a steam receiver of high pressure boiler, when the ratio between diameters of the man-hole and the end plate is larger than 50%. A new approximate caluculating formula was induced taking the boundary conditions at a joint part of the end plate and cylindrical part into consideration, assuming that manhole to be a circular hole having a diameter equal to the lengeh of major axis of an elliptical manhole, that the radius… CONTINUE READING

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