Stress-modulated collagen fiber remodeling in a human carotid bifurcation.

  title={Stress-modulated collagen fiber remodeling in a human carotid bifurcation.},
  author={I. Hariton and G Debotton and T. Christian Gasser and Gerhard A Holzapfel},
  journal={Journal of theoretical biology},
  volume={248 3},
This work concerns with the implementation of a new stress-driven remodeling model for simulating the overall structure and mechanical behavior of a human carotid bifurcation. By means of an iterative finite element based procedure collagen fiber direction and maximal principal stresses are computed. We find that the predicted fibers' architecture at the cylindrical branches and at the apex of the bifurcation correlates well with histological observations. Some insights about the mechanical… CONTINUE READING

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