Stress-induced hyperthermia as a putative anxiety model.

  title={Stress-induced hyperthermia as a putative anxiety model.},
  author={Theo J J Zethof and Jan A M van der Heyden and Jeroen T B M Tolboom and Berend Olivier},
  journal={European journal of pharmacology},
  volume={294 1},
In group-housed mice (ten per cage), mice removed last from their home cage always have higher rectal temperatures than mice removed first from this cage. Stress-induced hyperthermia is calculated as the difference (delta T) between the basal temperature (mouse number 1) and the end temperature (mouse number 10) when the temperature of the ten mice is sequentially measured using a 1-min interval between rectal measurements. Using this protocol, various drugs, belonging to different… CONTINUE READING