Stress in hospital consultants

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Role of Inflammatory Monocytes in Vaccine-Induced Reduction of Helicobacter felis Infection
Inflammatory monocytes play a direct role in the immunization-induced reduction of H. felis infection from the gastric mucosa, and their antimicrobial activities are studied.
The physician role in transition: is Hippocrates sick?


Stress, anxiety, and depression in hospital consultants, general practitioners, and senior health service managers
The levels of stress, anxiety, and depression in senior doctors and managers in the NHS seem to be high and perhaps higher than expected.
A comparison of the validity of two psychiatric screening questionnaires (GHQ-12 and SRQ-20) in Brazil, using Relative Operating Characteristic (ROC) analysis.
Both psychiatric screening instruments were found to be acceptably valid when assessed against the Clinical Interview Schedule in three primary care settings in Brazil.
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Correlations between sub-scales of the GHQ-28 give further evidence for a general factor and the relative independence of the social dysfunction sub-scale and support for the treatment of GHQ scores as a continuous variable in this kind of population.
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Levels of stress, as measured by the general health questionnaire, were assessed in 318 medical students in their fourth year at three British universities. Mean scores were higher than those in
Stress in NHS consultants
A cross sectional survey of 500 randomly selected NHS consultants in Scotland, of whom 375 responded, compares well with the 77% response to the postal questionnaire that Caplan sent to consultants.