[Stress in auto-transportation sector between prejudice and reality].


Every year in the EU about 800 drivers die in road accidents. In Italy the average is around 200 deaths per year. Based on this context the Occupational Medicine Department (OMD) of Bergamo Hospital has sponsored a new project dedicated to the healthcare and safety of all employees of road haulage in the province of Bergamo. Furthermore the collaboration between UMD and the Clinical Psychology Department of the hospital has allowed the fulfillment of another project aiming to evaluate the personality profile of around 80 drivers employed in the road haulage sector". The aims of the projects is to identify and to point out dangerous situations of significant psychological vulnerability; to know the current situation and to discriminate stress factors from protective ones; to make companies more aware of prevention activities; to inform the drivers about their companies' policy in order to grant safety in their job. The psychological tools used were: half open interview and Personality Inventory MMPI2. The population was selected randomly from volunteers. Now we know the results in 33 tested drivers. So far seven cases have been classified as psychological vulnerable and stress and protective factors have been identified. Results underline the relevance of an integrated approach able to take care of the employees and involving the companies in the prevention programs.

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