Stress-gene induction by low-dose gamma irradiation.

  title={Stress-gene induction by low-dose gamma irradiation.},
  author={Albert J. Fornace and S. A. Amundson and Khanh T. Do and Paul S. Meltzer and Jeffrey M. Trent and Michael L. Bittner},
  journal={Military medicine},
  volume={167 2 Suppl},
Using a human myeloid tumor cell line (ML-1), we detected induction of mRNA expression of several stress-responsive genes by doses of gamma rays as low as 2 cGy. For instance, the dose response for induction of CIP1/WAF1 and GADD45 appears to be linear over the range of 2 to 50 cGy and shows no evidence of a threshold for induction. Although 2 and 5 cGy exposures did not result in any detectable reduction in cloning efficiency nor in increased apoptosis in ML-1 cells, these exposures did… CONTINUE READING
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