Stress-dependent nucleolin mobilization mediated by p53-nucleolin complex formation.

  title={Stress-dependent nucleolin mobilization mediated by p53-nucleolin complex formation.},
  author={Yaron Daniely and Diana D. Dimitrova and James A. Borowiec},
  journal={Molecular and cellular biology},
  volume={22 16},
We recently discovered that heat shock causes nucleolin to relocalize from the nucleolus to the nucleoplasm, whereupon it binds replication protein A and inhibits DNA replication initiation. We report that nucleolin mobilization also occurs following exposure to ionizing radiation (IR) and treatment with camptothecin. Mobilization was selective in that another nucleolar marker, upstream binding factor, did not relocalize in response to IR. Nucleolin relocalization was dependent on p53 and… CONTINUE READING