Stress Concentration Factors

  title={Stress Concentration Factors},
  author={Ronald E. Peterson and Robert Plunkett},
overcoming possible notational barriers. No solutions of specialized technical problems are presented. Instead, the essentials of the theory are developed, beginning with tensor analysis, elements of potential theory, then moving to kinematics, dynamics, and the constitutive relation in linear elasticity, at each stage giving rigorous proofs for a large body of relevant assertions. Then a long chapter in elastostatics and another in elastodynamics complete this work which can serve as an… 

Selected Topics of Elastostatics

Only linearized problems are considered in this section, ie linearized geometric relations and Hooke’s law are taken into account [see Eqs. (1.21) and (4.15)]. The consequences of these assumptions

On the non-singular traction-BIE in elasticity

The work reported herein develops a generalized traction-BIE formulation which involves only weakly singular integrals (in the three-dimensional problem) or totally regular integrals (in the

Finite element stress formulation for wave propagation

Based on a variational principle due to Gurtin, for linear elastodynamics, a finite element method in terms of stresses is developed for wave propagation problems. The finite element equations are

Title : Gradient-elastic stress analysis near cylindrical holes in a plane under biaxial tension fields Year : 2017

This article is devoted to a gradient-elastic stress analysis of an infinite plate weakened by a cylindrical hole and subjected to two perpendicular and independent uni-axial tensions at infinity.