Streptomycin-dependent Tubercle Bacilli: a Simple Method for Isolation.

  title={Streptomycin-dependent Tubercle Bacilli: a Simple Method for Isolation.},
  author={D Yegian and V Budd and R J Vanderlinde},
  journal={Journal of bacteriology},
  volume={58 2},
This report describes a simple method for the isolation of streptomycin-dependent tubercle bacilli from virulent cultures that have not previously been exposed to streptomycin. The in vivo isolation of streptomycin-dependent Mycobacterium tuberculosis has been reported by Spendlove et al. (1948) and Lenert and Hobby (1949). The in vitro procedure described here is applicable to the quantitative determination of both the streptomycin-dependent and streptomycin-resistant variants. 

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