Streptococcal taxonomy based on genome sequence analyses

  title={Streptococcal taxonomy based on genome sequence analyses},
  author={Cristiane Thompson and Vanessa Erichsen Emmel and {\'E}rica Fonseca and Michel F Abanto Marin and Ana Carolina Paulo Vicente and Bruno Gomez-Gil and Tomoo Sawabe},
The identification of the clinically relevant viridans streptococci group, at species level, is still problematic. The aim of this study was to extract taxonomic information from the complete genome sequences of 67 streptococci, comprising 19 species, by means of genomic analyses, multilocus sequence analysis (MLSA), average amino acid identity (AAI), genomic signatures, genome-to-genome distances (GGD) and codon usage bias. We then attempted to determine the usefulness of these genomic tools… CONTINUE READING