Streptococcal contamination of food: an unusual cause of epidemic pharyngitis.

  title={Streptococcal contamination of food: an unusual cause of epidemic pharyngitis.},
  author={Udi Katzenell and Joshua Shemer and Yaron Bar-Dayan},
  journal={Epidemiology and infection},
  volume={127 2},
The purpose of this article is to define the distinguishing characteristics of food-borne streptococcal pharyngitis by reviewing the literature. The main cause of this infection lies in poor handling and preservation of cold salads, usually those which contain eggs and are prepared some hours before serving. A shorter incubation period and a higher attack rate (51-90%) than in transmission by droplets was noted. The epidemics tend to occur in warm climates and in the hottest months of the year… CONTINUE READING
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