Streptoalloteichus, a new genus of the family Actinoplanaceae.


A new genus Streptoalloteichus is proposed in the family Actinoplanaceae to distinguish species of actinomycetes which form short or long spore-chains on aerial mycelium, bears oval sporangia with motile spores and has a characteristic cell-wall composition of strain C677-91 type. Strain C677-91 (ATCC 31217, FERM-P No. 4070) was named Streptoalloteichus… (More)


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@article{Tomita1978StreptoalloteichusAN, title={Streptoalloteichus, a new genus of the family Actinoplanaceae.}, author={Kouichi Tomita and Yoshito Uenoyama and Eriko Numata and Tomonori Sasahira and Y. Hoshino and Kenji Fujisawa and Hiroshi Tsukiura and H Kawaguchi}, journal={The Journal of antibiotics}, year={1978}, volume={31 6}, pages={497-510} }