Strengths-Based Nursing: A Process for Implementing a Philosophy Into Practice.


Strengths-Based Nursing (SBN) is both a philosophy and value-driven approach that can guide clinicians, educators, manager/leaders, and researchers. SBN is rooted in principles of person/family centered care, empowerment, relational care, and innate health and healing. SBN is family nursing yet not all family nursing models are strengths-based. The challenge is how to translate a philosophy to change practice. In this article, we describe a process of implementation that has organically evolved of a multi-layered and multi-pronged approach that involves patients and families, clinicians, educators, leaders, managers, and researchers as well as key stakeholders including union leaders, opinion leaders, and policy makers from both nursing and other disciplines. There are two phases to the implementation process, namely, Phase 1: pre-commitment/pre-adoption and Phase 2: adoption. Each phase consists of distinct steps with accompanying strategies. These phases occur both sequentially and concurrently. Facilitating factors that enable the implementation process include values which align, readiness to accept SBN, curiosity-courage-commitment on the part of early adopters, a critical mass of early adopters, and making SBN approach both relevant and context specific.

DOI: 10.1177/1074840717717731

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