Strengths Based Leadership

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How to Organize a Real Life Problem-Based Learning Project in a Business Class Using Strength Assessment to Determine Team Assignment
This paper discusses the benefits and challenges of using real world projects as a learning experience in college classes. Specific strategies and tips are shared for maximizing the likelihood of
Do Women Value the Domains of Leadership Differently Than Men
A comparative study was conducted to determine if women value the various domains of leadership differently than men, and, if they differ, to determine if the differences are consistent across
An Analysis of the Factors Affecting the New Generation Employee Engagement in the Manufacturing Industry in China
Employee engagement was one of the core topics in academic research and management headlines. The purpose of this paper was to examine the effects of contextual variables, which include the career
Learning From Health Care Exemplars: How the Best Produce Extraordinary Results
Health care is once again in the midst of turmoil, and the need for effective leadership in this domain is as strong as ever. We can intuitively understand that leadership in this complex system is
Framework to Create Employee Engagement Culture in Saudi Banks
Employee engagement has attracted widespread interest over the past twenty years from the practitioner network and researchers. It is claimed that organizations that focus on growing an engagement
Pilot implementation of a formal leadership development strategy within a student chapter of an American pharmacy organisation
The pilot implementation of a formal leadership development strategy for the elected officers within the Midwestern University College of Pharmacy-Glendale Chapter of the American Pharmacists Association Academy of Student Pharmacists (APhA-ASP) was described.
First-Year College Students’ Strengths Awareness and Perceived Leadership Development
The purpose of this study was to examine whether first-year college students’ strengths awareness is associated with their perceived leadership development. The institution in this study offered all
Professional development for transformational change: findings from the lilead fellows program
The Lilead Fellows Program is an intensive professional development opportunity designed to support district-level library supervisors in the United States as they planned for transformational chan...
Workplace Engagement of Librarians and Library Staff
Abstract Very little has been written about engagement in the library workplace. Engagement and burnout are two poles on the workplace behavior spectrum. Burnout can be defined as exhaustion,