Strength distributions and size effects for 2D and 3D composites with Weibull fibers in an elastic matrix

  title={Strength distributions and size effects for 2D and 3D composites with Weibull fibers in an elastic matrix},
  author={Sivasambu Mahesh and Stuart Leigh Phoenix and Irene J. Beyerlein}
Monte Carlo simulation and theoretical modeling are used to study the statistical failure modes in unidirectional composites consisting of elastic fibers in an elastic matrix. Both linear and hexagonal fiber arrays are considered, forming 2D and 3D composites, respectively. Failure is idealized using the chain-of-bundles model in terms of δ-bundles of length δ, which is the length-scale of fiber load transfer. Within each δ-bundle, fiber load redistribution is determined by local load-sharing… CONTINUE READING
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