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Streetplan: Hacking Streetmix for community-based outreach on the future of streets

  title={Streetplan: Hacking Streetmix for community-based outreach on the future of streets},
  author={William Riggs and Michael R. Boswell and Ryder Ross},
Riggs, Boswell and Ross describe their pilot street design project deploying Streetplan, a version of the opensource tool Streetmix. As part of the City of San Luis Obispo downtown revisioning project, their efforts inform the process, currently underway, of revising the Downtown Vision Concept Plan. The project was presented at the 2016 Code for America Summit. Streetplan: Hacking Streetmix for Community-Based Outreach on the Future of Streets 

Technology, civic engagement and street science: hacking the future of participatory street design in the era of self-driving cars

This study hypothesizes how technology trends will continue to impact planning and local government using the case of the participatory planning application ReStreet.com, a tool for visioning the future of streets in a future of autonomous or self-driving vehicles.

Designing Streets for Autonomous Vehicles

How can automated vehicles be deployed on city streets to enhance urban and regional livability? This chapter outlines a visioning process where automakers, engineers, planning and policy

Building Automation into Urban and Metropolitan Mobility Planning

Transport authorities and mobility planning stakeholders have started discussing approaches to planning for road automation in cities and metropolitan areas. We present guiding principles for

Open source tools for geographic analysis in transport planning

Although many of the tools reviewed are still evolving and further research is needed to understand their relative strengths and barriers to uptake, open source tools for geographic analysis in transport planning already hold great potential to help generate the strategic visions of change and evidence that is needed by transport planners in the twenty-first century.

Business Models for Shared and Autonomous Mobility

Shared autonomous systems are an opportunity for cites to improve mobility, yet little discussion has framed their business model and how public and private stakeholders can plan for their

Blockchain and Distributed Autonomous Community Ecosystems: Opportunities to Democratize Finance and Delivery of Transport, Housing, Urban Greening and Community Infrastructure

It is found that encouraging trading of assets at the local level can enable the creation of value that could be translated into sustainable “mining actions” that could eventually provide the economic backstop and basis for new local investment mechanisms or currencies.



Microparticipation with Social Media for Community Engagement in Transportation Planning

Transportation planning processes may be enhanced and plans improved by engaging the community through social media technologies. “Microparticipation” means the engagement of the public with social

How is mobile technology changing city planning? Developing a taxonomy for the future

The emergence of web technology creates tremendous opportunity to advance good government, through increased information, interaction with the public, and cost-effective, efficient means of

Mobile responsive websites and local planning departments in the US: Opportunities for the future

This study evaluates whether or not web technology, in planning departments, is tracking growth in mobile technology finding that while 99% of planning agencies have a web presence, very few planning websites have mobile responsive frameworks.

The Quantified Traveler: Changing Transport Behavior with Personalized Travel Data Feedback

Experiments using smartphones to influence behavior have been growing rapidly in many fields, especially in health and fitness research, and studies on eco-feedback technologies. In these studies,

Mobile Technology

A Broad survey in the development of mobile technology is reported in this paper and comparisons of various methods such as 1G, 2G, 3G ,4G is reported.