Street Art

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Street art and heritage conservation: From values to performativity

The present study re-evaluates the relationship between street art and the value-based approach to heritage conservation. The research presents the limitations of the value-based approach, which

Representing Subcultural Identity: A Photoessay of Spanish Graffiti and Street Art

Graffiti is a universal and ubiquitous feature of the modern urban experience. It is both signifier and material object of a creative street culture. This chapter, using the author’s own photographs,

Is It Any Wonder? On Commissioning an ‘Uncommissioned’ Atmosphere: A Reply to Hillary and Sumartojo

This article is a reply to Fiona Hillary and Shanti Sumartojo’s “Empty-Nursery Blue: On Atmosphere, Meaning and Methodology in Melbourne Street Art”, published in Public Art Dialogue in October

Empty-Nursery Blue: On Atmosphere, Meaning and Methodology in Melbourne Street Art

Empty-Nursery Blue was a fine art project in a street art context created by artist Adrian Doyle in Melbourne's Rutledge Lane in late August 2013. It was part of a set of curated works that aimed to