Strawberry breeding in Uruguay.

  title={Strawberry breeding in Uruguay.},
  author={Eduardo Vicente and Gustavo Gim{\'e}nez and Ariel Manzzioni and Francisco L. Vilar{\'o} and Mariano Rojas Gonz{\'a}lez and Mich{\`e}le Cabot},
The strawberry fruit production in Uruguay is mainly dedicated to the internal fresh market but there are some experiences of exportation to regional and off shore countries. The crop is done in the annual hill system without the use of methyl bromide and the mean yield is about 40 t/ha. Main crop areas are located in the Northwest (Salto, 31°S) and in the South (San Jose, 34°S). The winter and early spring fruit production is obtained in the Northwest area with crops under low and high tunnels… CONTINUE READING