Strauss's Three Burkes

  title={Strauss's Three Burkes},
  author={Steven J. Lenzner},
  journal={Political Theory},
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Edmund Burke, Strauss, and the Straussians
Abstract In Natural Right and History, Leo Strauss accused Edmund Burke of being ignorant of the nobility of last-ditch resistance; defending a conception of history that set the path forExpand
“The God of This Lower World”: Leo Strauss's Critique of Historicism in Natural Right and History
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Rights and the Heart: Emotions and Rights Claims in the Political Theory of Edmund Burke
  • L. Hall
  • Sociology
  • The Review of Politics
  • 2011
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The Perversions of History: Constitutionalism and Revolution in Burke’s Reflections
Edmund Burke’s Reflections on the Revolution in France is one of the defining texts in the history of English constitutional thought. It is conservative in its overt defence of England’s ancientExpand
"The Sacred Cause of State Rights": Theories of Union and Sovereignty in the Antebellum North
Title of Document: THE SACRED CAUSE OF STATE RIGHTS: THEORIES OF UNION AND SOVEREIGNTY IN THE ANTEBELLUM NORTH Christian R. Esh, Doctor of Philosophy, 2006. Directed By: Professor Herman BelzExpand