Stratigraphic constraints on late Pleistocene glacial erosion and deglaciation of the Chukchi margin, Arctic Ocean

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Sedimentary environment and glacial history of the Northwest Passage (Canadian Arctic Archipelago) reconstructed from high-resolution acoustic data
A 2420 km long profile of high-resolution sub-bottom echosounder data (PARASOUND) is interpreted for facies distribution and stratigraphy across the Canadian Arctic Archipelago including the
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Seafloor evidence for ice shelf flow across the Alaska–Beaufort margin of the Arctic Ocean
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Quaternary history of sea ice and paleoclimate in the Amerasia basin, Arctic Ocean, as recorded in the cyclical strata of Northwind Ridge
The 19 middle-early Pleistocene to Holocene bipartite lithostratigraphic cycles observed in high-resolution piston cores from Northwind Ridge in the Amerasia Basin of the Arctic Ocean, provide a
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Late Pleistocene–Holocene retreat of the West Antarctic Ice-Sheet system in the Ross Sea: Part 2—Sedimentologic and stratigraphic signature
Sedimentologic, geotechnical, geochemical, and accelerator mass spectrometer (AMS) radiocarbon data from two marine geologic cruises in the Ross Sea have allowed us to constrain facies relationships
Early to mid-Holocene Atlantic water influx and deglacial meltwater events, Beaufort Sea Slope, Arctic Ocean
Subglacial bedform evidence for a major palaeo‐ice stream and its retreat phases in Amundsen Gulf, Canadian Arctic Archipelago
Ascertaining the location of palaeo‐ice streams is crucial in order to produce accurate reconstructions of palaeo‐ice sheets and examine interactions with the ocean–climate system. This paper reports