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Stratigraphic and structural framework of Yucca Mountain, Nevada

  title={Stratigraphic and structural framework of Yucca Mountain, Nevada},
  author={Richard W. Spengler and Kenneth F. Fox},
  • Richard W. Spengler, Kenneth F. Fox
  • Published 1988
  • Geology
  • Sedimentary strata consist of highly folded and faulted 600 to 300-m.y.-old Late Proterozoic and Paleozoic rocks, and are estimated to reach a maximum thickness of about 11 km. One deep hole, drilled through the volcanic cover, suggests that the southern part of Yucca Mountain is underlain by Paleozoic dolomite. Gravity modeling reveals the presence of a conspicuous residual gravity low whose axis extends northeastward across the northern part of Yucca Mountain. The Miocene volcanic section… CONTINUE READING

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