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Stratification in tensor triangular geometry with applications to spectral Mackey functors

  title={Stratification in tensor triangular geometry with applications to spectral Mackey functors},
  author={Tobias Barthel and Drew Heard and Beren Sanders},
We systematically develop a theory of stratification in the context of tensor triangular geometry and apply it to classify the localizing tensorideals of certain categories of spectral G-Mackey functors for all finite groups G. Our theory of stratification is based on the approach of Stevenson which uses the Balmer–Favi notion of big support for tensor-triangulated categories whose Balmer spectrum is weakly noetherian. We clarify the role of the local-toglobal principle and establish that the… 

Stratifying integral representations of finite groups

We classify the localizing tensor ideals of the integral stable module category for any finite group G. This results in a generic classification of Z[G]-lattices of finite and infinite rank and

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. We develop the theory of stratification for a rigidly-compactly generated tensor-triangulated category using the smashing spectrum and the small smashing support. Within the stratified context, we

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. For a tensor triangulated category and any regular cardinal α we study the frame of α -localizing tensor ideals and its associated space of points. For a well-generated category and its frame of

Stratification and the comparison between homological and tensor triangular support

We compare the homological support and tensor triangular support for ‘big’ objects in a rigidly-compactly generated tensor triangulated category. We prove that the comparison map from the homological

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We provide a characterization of finite étale morphisms in tensor triangular geometry. They are precisely those functors which have a conservative right adjoint, satisfy Grothendieck–Neeman duality,

Duality pairs, phantom maps, and definability in triangulated categories

We define duality triples and duality pairs in compactly generated triangulated categories and investigate their properties. This enables us to give an elementary way to determine whether a class is



Spectral Mackey functors and equivariant algebraic K-Theory ( I )

Spectral Mackey functors are homotopy-coherent versions of ordinary Mackey functors as defined by Dress. We show that they can be described as excisive functors on a suitable∞-category, and we use

The spectrum of derived Mackey functors

We compute the spectrum of the category of derived Mackey functors (in the sense of Kaledin) for all finite groups. We find that this space captures precisely the top and bottom layers (i.e. the

Spectral Mackey functors and equivariant algebraic K-theory, II

  • C. Barwick
  • Mathematics
    Tunisian Journal of Mathematics
  • 2020
We study the "higher algebra" of spectral Mackey functors, which the first named author introduced in Part I of this paper. In particular, armed with our new theory of symmetric promonoidal

The spectrum of prime ideals in tensor triangulated categories

Abstract We define the spectrum  of a tensor triangulated category as the set of so-called prime ideals, endowed with a suitable topology. In this very generality, the spectrum is the universal space

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These notes give a short survey of the approach to support theory and the study of lattices of triangulated subcategories through the machinery of tensor triangular geometry. One main aim is to

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We present some results on equivariant KK-theory in the context of tensor triangular geometry. More specifically, for G a finite group, we show that the spectrum of the tensor triangulated

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We prove that the Balmer spectrum of a tensor triangulated category is homeomorphic to the Zariski spectrum of its graded central ring, provided the triangulated category is generated by its tensor

Stacks of group representations

We start with a small paradigm shift about group representations, namely the observation that restriction to a subgroup can be understood as an extension-of-scalars. We deduce that, given a group G,

Support theory via actions of tensor triangulated categories

We give a definition of the action of a tensor triangulated category T on a triangulated category K. In the case that T is rigidly-compactly generated and K is compactly generated we show this gives