Strategy for genotoxicity testing--metabolic considerations.

  title={Strategy for genotoxicity testing--metabolic considerations.},
  author={Warren W. Ku and Anita H Bigger and Giovanni Brambilla and Hansruedi Glatt and Elmar Gocke and Peggy J Guzzie and Atsushi Hakura and Masamitsu Honma and H J Martus and R Scott Obach and Stanley A Roberts},
  journal={Mutation research},
  volume={627 1},
The report from the 2002 International Workshop on Genotoxicity Tests (IWGT) Strategy Expert Group emphasized metabolic considerations as an important area to address in developing a common strategy for genotoxicity testing. A working group convened at the 2005 4th IWGT to discuss this area further and propose practical strategy recommendations. To propose a strategy, the working group reviewed: (1) the current status and deficiencies, including examples of carcinogens "missed" in genotoxicity… CONTINUE READING


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