Strategising prevention: a critical review of local initiatives to prevent female sex trafficking

  title={Strategising prevention: a critical review of local initiatives to prevent female sex trafficking},
  author={Vidyamali Samarasinghe and Barbara Burton},
  journal={Development in Practice},
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This article reviews prevention strategies initiated and implemented by NGOs across the globe to address female sex trafficking. It sets out the conceptual bases for anti-trafficking measures in general, and prevention measures in particular, before presenting a representative cross-section of programmes and approaches that are currently underway. The authors identify some of the gaps apparent in these responses, and offer recommendations to improve the implementation of prevention strategies… 

Exploring Possibilities of Preventing Sex Trafficking at the Source

Sex trafficking has been an issue of debate among academics and activists for long. While the official legal response of the state and one side of this debate remains rescue and rehabilitation with

Focusing on Prevention: The Social and Economic Rights of Children Vulnerable to Sex Trafficking.

A human rights-based approach focusing on the fulfillment of economic and social rights of children as a prevention strategy in the U.S. is proposed.

Human trafficking in Vietnam: Preventing crime and protecting victims through inter-agency cooperation

This thesis is an exploratory investigation into multifaceted counter-trafficking activities in Vietnam. The study's aims include: examining inter-agency cooperation in preventing human trafficking

A Model of Community-based Collaboration in Human Trafficking Prevention Interventions: A Case Study in Thailand and the Philippines.

Human trafficking, or the use of fraud and coercion to enslave people in exploitative conditions, is a growing phenomenon that affects millions of victims in Southeast Asia. Despite the severity of

Human Trafficking

The notion of National HRD (NHRD) and the connection to community development is explored within the context of the human trafficking phenomenon and implications for HRD practice, theory and research are explored.

Traits of Transformative Anti-Trafficking Partnerships

The efficacy of “partnerships” (between states, intergovernmental organizations, nongovernmental organizations, and businesses) to combat human trafficking should and can be assessed 15 years after

SOAR as an Effective Community-based Response in Anti-Trafficking Movements

  • Rita Dhungel
  • Sociology
    Journal of Advanced Academic Research
  • 2022
Grounded in the narratives of women from rural communities who were forced to migrate to Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal, and later India, this paper critically examines the meaningful involvement of

Designing awareness campaigns to counter human trafficking: An analytic approach

  • R. Konrad
  • Sociology, Economics
    Socio-Economic Planning Sciences
  • 2019

Anti-Human Trafficking Campaigns

This study aims to systematically identify and review studies on anti-human trafficking campaigns published in peer-reviewed journals to determine the extent to which such campaigns have been

Gender Bias and the Sex Trafficking Interventions in the Eastern Border of India–Nepal

The present article looks at gender bias and sex trafficking interventions in the eastern border of India–Nepal. It attempts to understand the socio-economic conditions and other influencing factors



Confronting globalization in anti-trafficking strategies in Asia.

Trafficking in human cargo involves the movement of people women and men girls and boys internally and internationally for work which may be illegal and under working conditions which are known to be

Migrant Workers in the ILO's Global Alliance Against Forced Labour Report: a critical appraisal

Abstract Temporary migration for agricultural work has long historical provenance globally, and has increased in the most recent period of globalisation. In this paper, using examples based on my own

'The State of the World's Children'.

  • D. Morley
  • Medicine
    Archives of disease in childhood
  • 1985
The State of the World’s Children 1998 report details the scale of the loss, the steps being taken to stem it, and Sentinels of progress are lighting the way: Vitamin A supplementation is helping bolster disease resistance in children and may soon become an important measure in helping reduce maternal deaths around the world.

Trafficking in Women and Children and International Response

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Summary Report of Russia's First Multi-regional, Multi-media Public Education Anti-trafficking Campaign

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1998 -2001 La Strada Program: Prevention of Traffic in Women in Central and Eastern Europe

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