Strategies of Rule Discovery in an Inference Task

  title={Strategies of Rule Discovery in an Inference Task},
  author={R. Tweney and M. Doherty and Winifred J. Worner and Daniel B. Pliske and Clifford R. Mynatt and Kimberly A. Gross and Daniel L. Arkkelin},
  journal={Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology},
  pages={109 - 123}
It has long been known that subjects in certain inference tasks will seek evidence which can confirm their present hypotheses, even in situations where disconfirmatory evidence could be more informative. We sought to alter this tendency in a series of experiments which employed a rule discovery task, the 2-4-6 problem first described by Wason. The first experiment instructionally modified subjects confirmatory tendencies. While a disconfirmatory strategy was easily induced, it did not lead to… Expand
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