Strategies for improved antigen delivery into dendritic cells.

  title={Strategies for improved antigen delivery into dendritic cells.},
  author={Delphine R{\'e}a and Mark E. Johnson and Menzo J. E. Havenga and Cees J. M. Melief and Rienk Offringa},
  journal={Trends in molecular medicine},
  volume={7 3},
Efficacious vaccines against cancers and infectious diseases will, in general, need to elicit comprehensive immune responses, including cytotoxic T lymphocyte activity. Because of their unique T cell stimulatory capacities, dendritic cells (DC) have emerged as the most potent antigen-presenting cell. Vaccination strategies should therefore aim at the acquisition and display of the antigen(s) of choice by DC. Results from vaccination studies, in animal models and in humans, stress the need for… CONTINUE READING

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