Strategies for development of Dengue virus inhibitors.

  title={Strategies for development of Dengue virus inhibitors.},
  author={Christian Guy Noble and Y Chen and Hongping Dong and Feng Gu and Siew Pheng Lim and Wouter Schul and Qing-Yin Wang and Pei-Yong Shi},
  journal={Antiviral research},
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Antiviral drug discovery is becoming increasingly important due to the global threat of viral disease pandemics. Many members of the genus Flavivirus are significant human pathogens, among which dengue virus (DENV) alone poses a public health threat to 2.5 billion worldwide, leading to 50-100 million human infections each year. Neither vaccine nor effective therapeutics is currently available for DENV. Development of a DENV vaccine has been challenging, because of the need to simultaneously… CONTINUE READING