Strategies I

  title={Strategies I},
  author={Richard W. Counts},
  journal={Journal of Computer-Aided Molecular Design},
  • Richard W. Counts
  • Published 1987
  • Computer Science
  • Journal of Computer-Aided Molecular Design
This paper considers opportunities for improved and expanded international development and transfer of climate technologies. It characterizes the economic scale of the climate technology challenge, and it reviews the pattern of public and private R&D and the rationale for R&D policies within the global innovation system. The paper clarifies the importance of options for inducing technology market demand through domestic GHG pricing, international trade, and international development assistance… Expand
The Criteria of Sustainable Product Development and Organizational Performance
The demand for quality product has encouraged organizations to adopt the criteria of sustainable product development that can affect organizational performance. The objectives of developingExpand
China’s rise as a strategic challenge and opportunity: India’s China discourse and strategy
ABSTRACT The simultaneous rise of China and India is one of the most important developments in contemporary world politics. Given their steadily growing power and aspirations and China’s moreExpand
The progression of HIV / AIDS in Ethiopia
The objective of the review is to increase awareness of the health workers, students and interested researchers on the magnitude of HIV / AIDS in the country by discussing risk factors affecting its distribution. Expand
Standing at the crossroads between new and historically prevalent heart disease: effects of migration and socio-economic factors in the Heart of Soweto cohort study.
Dynamic socio-economic and lifestyle factors characteristic of epidemiological transition appear to have positioned the urban, mainly African community of Soweto at the crossroads between historically prevalent and 'new' forms of heart disease. Expand
Quantitative patterns between plant volatile emissions induced by biotic stresses and the degree of damage
Analysis of several case studies investigating the elicitation of emissions in response to chewing herbivores, aphids, rust fungi, powdery mildew, and Botrytis, suggests that induced emissions do respond to stress severity in dose-dependent manner and suggests that there are quantitative relationships between the biotic stress severity and induced volatile emissions. Expand
iversity patterns of Pampean stream vegetation at different spatial cales aría
We examined diversity patterns at different spatial scales by observing the changes in the slopes of Species–Area relationships (SAR) and Local–Regional (L–R) relationships. Stream vegetation wasExpand
While the importance of pretesting survey instruments is well-accepted, conventional methods tend to be unsystematic and relatively ineffective (Cannell et. al, 1989). Some researchers have attemptedExpand
Efficiency of Human Immunodeficiency Virus Transmission Through Injections and Other Medical Procedures Evidence, Estimates, and Unfinished Business
It is estimated that the transmission efficiency in medical settings with no or grossly insufficient efforts to clean equipment ranges from 0.5% to 3% for lower risk procedures (eg, intramuscular injections) and from 10% to 20% or more for high-risk procedures. Expand
TITLE The Role of Education in Systems of Care.
The role of education in systems of care for children's mental health is addressed at a March 1993 conference and perceptions of Regular Educators Regarding the Inclusion of Students with Emotional Behavior Disorders are examined. Expand
Performance Evaluation and Comparison using Deep Learning Techniques in Sentiment Analysis
One of the most common applications of deep learning algorithms is sentiment analysis. This study delivers a better performing and efficient automated feature extraction technique when compared toExpand


Cooperating Agents: A Unified Theory of Communication and Social Structure
  • E. Werner
  • Psychology, Computer Science
  • Distributed Artificial Intelligence
  • 1989
The unified theory of communication, intention, and social structures is used to develop a theory of social cooperation for multiagent systems, which fulfills a necessary condition for the design of complex agents that cooperate as a group. Expand
The Subsidized Muse: Public Support for the Arts in the United States
The open question the case for large-scale public support for the arts patterns of public support direct subsidy programs in the United States the effects of public support on the arts support forExpand
Performing Arts, the Economic Dilemma: a Study of Problems Common to Theater, Opera, Music and Dance
The Current State of Affairs: The organizations The cultural boom: a new look at the evidence The audience The performer, the composer, the playwright and the choreographer The financial state of theExpand
From the Office of the Governor
THE OFFICE OF THE GOVERNOR Executive Order No. 2005-09 Supporting a Streamlined Sales Tax Project ...........................................................................................15Expand
The TD50: a proposed general convention for the numerical description of the carcinogenic potency of chemicals in chronic-exposure animal experiments.
This paper consists of a brief discussion of the TD50, sufficient to make the general reader familiar with the properties of such an index, an appendix discussing methods for its estimation and certain conventions the authors have adopted for use in analyzing "nonstandard" experiments. Expand
The genetic control of the enzymes of histidine biosynthesis in Salmonella typhimurium.
It has been found that the level of activity of the series of enzymes of Histidine biosynthesis can be raised about 15-fold over the wild-type level by growing a histidine-requiring mutant on formylhistidine as a source of histidine. Expand
Freedom of the Will and the Concept of a Person
What philosophers have lately come to accept as analysis of the concept of a person is not actually analysis of that concept at all. Strawson, whose usage represents the current standard, identifiesExpand
Chemical structure, Salmonella mutagenicity and extent of carcinogenicity as indicators of genotoxic carcinogenesis among 222 chemicals tested in rodents by the U.S. NCI/NTP.
The Salmonella assay is found to be a sensitive method of detecting intrinsic genotoxicity in a chemical, and is consistent with tumors being induced in this tissue (and to a lesser extent in other tissues of the mouse and rat) by mechanisms not dependent upon direct interaction of the test chemical with DNA. Expand
Freedom and Resentment
Essai philosophique. - Initialement paru dans les "Proceedings of the British Academy", 48, 1962, puis repris dans un recueil d'articles, "Freedom and resentment - and other essays", en 1974
Human Freedom and the Self
This is the text of The Lindley Lecture for 1964, given by Roderick M. Chisholm (1916-1999), an American philosopher.