Strategies Adopted by Cerebellar Ataxia Patients to Perform U-Turns

  title={Strategies Adopted by Cerebellar Ataxia Patients to Perform U-Turns},
  author={Mariano Serrao and Silvia Mari and Carmela Conte and Alberto Ranavolo and C Casali and Francesco Draicchio and Roberto Di Fabio and Michelangelo Bartolo and Stefano Monam{\`i} and Luca Padua and Francesco Pierelli},
  journal={The Cerebellum},
Cerebellar ataxia is associated with unsteady, stumbling gait, and affected patients report a high rate of falls, particularly during locomotor tasks. U-turns (180° turns while walking) require a high level of coordination in order to completely reverse the body trajectory during ongoing motion, and they are particularly challenging for patients with cerebellar ataxia. The aim of this study was to investigate the kinematic strategies adopted by ataxic patients when performing U-turns. Nine… CONTINUE READING
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