Strategic role of HRD in employee skill development: An employer perspective

  • Khalid Rasheed Memon
  • Published 2014


Literature shows that an employee’s skill development is dependent on its HR Department, especially in today’s dynamic and uncertain environment, it is very important that HRD activities should be carried out in the organization while paving the way for future sustainability and to cope with the challenges / competition of global arena. In this regards, HRD role could be effective only if the employer is interested to invest on employee skill development. What exactly is employer’s perspective is the motive of this paper to be explored while focusing Pakistani Manufacturing Industry included in KSE-100 Index. The paper is based on presenting the employers’ perspective through secondary data of 20 manufacturing units of Pakistan from KSE-100 index; though, theoretical view has also been organized. Strategic role of HRD, employee skill development, employer perspective generally and then focusing Pakistani employers through literature insights are argued thoroughly. However, interconnection between HRD’s role and employee skill development and employer has been the focus of this paper while highlighting its importance and effect. Moreover, the behavior and attitude of Pakistani Employer has been discussed practically while showing the current behavior and needs for improvement on investing on employees. Additionally, Employer’s perspective hasn’t been discussed earlier in the literature, especially focusing Pakistani Industry which opens new horizon for researchers to focus, an emerging market of developing country.

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