Strategic and Budgetary Necessity, or Decision-making ‘Along the Grain’? The Royal Navy and the 1981 Defence Review

  title={Strategic and Budgetary Necessity, or Decision-making ‘Along the Grain’? The Royal Navy and the 1981 Defence Review},
  author={Edward Hampshire},
  journal={Journal of Strategic Studies},
  pages={956 - 978}
  • E. Hampshire
  • Published 22 August 2016
  • History
  • Journal of Strategic Studies
ABSTRACT The 1981 Defence Review undertaken by John Nott as Secretary of State for Defence controversially and dramatically cut the capabilities of the Royal Navy’s surface fleet. Many of those involved in these decisions have emphasised the budgetary and politico-strategic drivers for these reductions in capability, and the first generation of academic analysis has broadly followed this position. However, recently released government and private archival sources demonstrate that Nott’s review… 
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