Strategic Thinking in Complex Problem Solving

  title={Strategic Thinking in Complex Problem Solving},
  author={Arnaud Michel Chevallier},
Innovative approaches to the development of strategic planning and management
The article discusses modern concepts and approaches to the strategic planning development and managers’ strategic thinking formation. Today the strategic thinking is considered as one of the most
What Do The Best Do? An explorative study of strategic thinking at Company X
Purpose: The purpose of this thesis is to improve our understanding of strategic thinking by identifying patterns of cognitive elements in individuals perceived to be strong strategic thinkers.
Capturing practitioners' "how-to" knowledge in the form of recommendations for more effective planning of collaborative adaptive management projects
A pilot project exploring the value and feasibility of capturing this experiential knowledge and deriving useful recommendations for more effective planning and implementation of CAM processes and identified 10 themes from the recommendations.
Innovations and Challenges: Conceptualizing CLIL Practice
Abstract The continued emergence of content and language integrated learning (CLIL) is linked to how it creates, adopts, and leads to the design of innovative didactic processes. In systems, theory
Mathematical Strategic Thinking Ability Using Quantum Learning Based on Creative Problem Solving in Terms of High School Students Gender
Mathematical strategic thinking ability is one of the strategic thinking aptitude which is needed to confront the challenge in this globalization era. It is because the strategic thinking is useful
An analysis of the decision-making process from a mathematical, socio-psychological, and managerial perspective
The main purpose of this article is to give a coherent and unified vision regarding the main obstacles that characterize the decision-making process purely form a managerial point of view. During the
Situated expertise in integration and implementation processes in Latin America
Several environmental, political, social and institutional factors have resulted in the heterogeneous and adaptive integration of knowledge, actors and methodologies in Latin America. Despite poor
The present study explores the interplay among bilingualism, executive functions and creativity in problem solving among adult male university students. In this context, the associations between two
How to Enhance the Health of the Homo Psychologicus in Practice?
  • H. Story
  • Business
    The Rational Homo Psychologicus
  • 2019
Why did the UA3411 incident happen shortly after United Airlines rebranded itself as a customer friendly company? Assume we redo the rebranding project for United Airlines with the mindset of the
The Reality of Decision Making in NGOs in Gaza Strip
: The study aimed to identify the reality of decision-making in the local NGOs in Gaza Strip. In order to achieve the objectives of the study and to test its hypotheses, the analytical descriptive