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Strategic Intent for IT Outsourcing

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Companies today are outsourcing the activities of their IS departments at unprecedented rates. Interviews with senior executives in fifty companies worldwide show that three kinds of strategic intent drive the decision to outsource. Companies pursuing IS improvement seek cost reduction, better performance from core IS resources, and the acquisition of new technical skills and competencies. Outsourcing for business impact focuses on deploying IT to improve critical aspects of business… Expand
The application of outsourcing strategy at British Airways in Kenya
Outsourcing as a contractual agreement between the customer and one or more suppliers to provide services or processes that the customer is currently producing internally is a strategic issue. ThisExpand
Information technology outsourcing in Australia
In Australia, popular discussion of the growing market in outsourcing information technology (IT) has been spurred by decisions of several large companies and the Australian government to outsourceExpand
Outsourcing Alignment with Business Strategy and Firm Performance
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Three theoretically feasible sets of internally congruent patterns between business strategy and outsourcing strategy are hypothesized which lead to a greater achievement of outsourcing benefits and firm performance as compared with misfit patterns between them. Expand
Deciding Information Systems (IS) Outsourcing: A Multi-Criteria Hierarchical Approach
Attracted by the desire to cut cost and improve performance continuously, managers across the continents are showing interest in outsourcing their Information Systems. Influenced by this globalExpand
Reaching Across Organizational Boundaries for New Ideas: Innovation from IT Outsourcing Vendors
Companies outsource IT either to obtain resources they lack or to obtain IT resources more effectively and efficiently. Vendors are not limited to only providing common solutions. Innovative use ofExpand
Applications of real option analysis to vendor selection process in IT outsourcing
A two-stage vendor selection approach to IT outsourcing using real options analysis (ROA) is explored, suggesting that ROA is a viable valuation technique for IT outsourcing. Expand
Governing Innovation-focused IS Outsourcing Relationships
Organizations outsource their information systems (IS) for various reasons. In doing so, the intents to increase service quality and reduce costs are among the most prominent drivers for the decisionExpand
Outsourcing refers to a situation where a business contracts its business processes to a third party. During this process, the business may transfer some of its resources (such as employees andExpand
It outsourcing: methodology for selecting suppliers criterion for competitive advantage
The main reasons that motivate companies to outsource the services of Information Technology (IT) are: reducing costs, improving service quality and concentration on their core competencies. And theExpand
It Outsourcing Partnerships In Bulgaria: Strategic Orientation "
IT outsourcing is among the prevalent practices in the global business today. It is found that business organizations decide to transfer such kind of services to other firms (identified as “vendors”)Expand


How to Manage an IT Outsourcing Alliance
Companies are increasingly outsourcing information technology for a variety of reasons, such as concern for cost and quality, lagging IT performance, supplier pressure, and other financial factors.Expand
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