Strassen's Algorithm Reloaded

  title={Strassen's Algorithm Reloaded},
  author={Jianyu Huang and Tyler Michael Smith and Greg M. Henry and Robert A. Geijn},
  journal={SC16: International Conference for High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage and Analysis},
  • Jianyu Huang, T. Smith, R. Geijn
  • Published 13 November 2016
  • Computer Science
  • SC16: International Conference for High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage and Analysis
We dispel with “street wisdom” regarding the practical implementation of Strassen's algorithm for matrix-matrix multiplication (DGEMM). Conventional wisdom: it is only practical for very large matrices. Our implementation is practical for small matrices. Conventional wisdom: the matrices being multiplied should be relatively square. Our implementation is practical for rank-k updates, where k is relatively small (a shape of importance for libraries like LAPACK). Conventional wisdom: it… 

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A performance model for NVIDIA Volta GPUs is developed to select the appropriate blocking parameters and predict the performance for gemm and Strassen, and it is developed that can achieve up to 1.11× speedup with a crossover point as small as 1,536 compared to cublasSgemm on a NVIDIA Tesla V100 GPU.
Implementing Strassen's Algorithm with CUTLASS on NVIDIA Volta GPUs
These algorithms utilize both the memory and thread hierarchies on GPUs, reusing shared memory and register files inherited from GEMM, fusing additional operations, and avoiding extra workspace to exploit intra- and inter-kernel parallelism.
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For a large range of matrix sizes in the domain of interest, this work achieves at least 2/3 of the roofline performance and often substantially outperform state-of-the art CUBLAS results on an NVIDIA Volta GPGPU.
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The mixed-datatype implementation confirms that combinatorial intractability is avoided, with the framework relying on only two assembly microkernels to implement 128 datatype combinations.
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This paper is believed to be the first paper to demonstrate how one can in practice speed up TC with Strassen's algorithm by adopting a block-scatter-matrix format, a novel matrix-centric tensor layout, and reducing the overhead of memory movement that is incurred.
Supporting mixed-datatype matrix multiplication within the BLIS framework
The mixed-datatype implementation confirms that combinatoric intractability is avoided, with the framework relying on only two assembly microkernels to implement 128 datatype combinations.
A superior 1m method for expressing complex matrix mul12 tiplication is derived, one which addresses virtually all of the shortcomings inherent in 4m.


Implementation of Strassen's Algorithm for Matrix Multiplication
The implementation is designed to be used in place of DGEMM, the Level 3 BLAS matrix mulitplication routine, and reconfirms that Strassen's algorithm is practical for realistic size matrices.
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This paper model and analyze the performance of CAPS, a new Communication-Avoiding Parallel Strassen algorithm that minimizes communication, and demonstrates significant speedups over previous algorithms both for large matrices and for small matrices on large numbers of processors.
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This work describes how BLIS extends the "GotoBLAS approach" to implementing matrix multiplication (GEMM), and shows that with the advent of many-core architectures such as the IBM PowerPC A2 processor and the Intel Xeon Phi processor, parallelizing both within and around the inner kernel, as the BLIS approach supports, is not only convenient, but also necessary for scalability.
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It is investigated how modern Symmetric Multiprocessor (SMP) architectures present old and new challenges that can be addressed by the combination of an algorithm design with careful and natural parallelism exploitation at the function level (optimizations) such as function-call parallelism, function percolation, and function software pipelining.
Improving the Numerical Stability of Fast Matrix Multiplication
It is argued in this paper that the numerical sacrifice of fast algorithms, particularly for the typical use cases of practical algorithms, is not prohibitive, and ways to improve the accuracy both theoretically and empirically are explored.
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In this paper, we give what we believe to be the first high performance parallel implementation of Strassen''s algorithm for matrix multiplication. We show how under restricted conditions, this
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This work reconsiders Winograd's variant of Strassen's algorithm and offers a highly portable solution based on the Level 3 BLAS interface that offers some relief when huge, well-conditioned matrices are multiplied together.
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Preliminary performance of level-2 and level-3 operations is observed to be competitive with two mature open source libraries (OpenBLAS and ATLAS) as well as an established commercial product (Intel MKL).
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This work implements tensor contraction using the much more flexible BLIS framework, which allows for reshaping of the tensor to be fused with internal partitioning and packing operations, requiring no explicit reshaping operations or additional workspace.