Stranger Than Fiction? The Jennens Inheritance in Fact and Fiction Part Two: The Business of Fortune Hunting

  title={Stranger Than Fiction? The Jennens Inheritance in Fact and Fiction Part Two: The Business of Fortune Hunting},
  author={Patrick Polden},
  journal={Common Law World Review},
  pages={338 - 367}
  • P. Polden
  • Published 1 December 2003
  • History
  • Common Law World Review
The first part of this article ((2003) 32(3) CLWR 211) outlined the early history of the Jennens family and the origins of the fortune of William Jennens, whose death in 1798 led to the litigation which is often described as the model for the case of Jarndyce v Jarndyce in Charles Dickens's novel, Bleak House. In addition to the series of law suits described in Part One, the second part shows that many other men and women from the British Isles and abroad (especially from the USA) made claims… 

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The Jennens case

Real Property Limitation Act 1833, s. 26

    30 at 12. In the light of the correspondence of the Howards in Elford Hall Collection MS 3878/1508g, the Martins' excuse for their 1817 failure is false

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        Ch D 12 at 13. 174 A very error-filled version of the Jennens case, frequently used by later writers, is P. Fitzgerald, Bozland-Dickens' People and Places

          The Complete Peerage 569. The accusers of the Leighs in 1848 took their case to W.P. Roberts, a Manchester attorney who specialized in representing Chartists and trade unions

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            For an instance involving the famous Gregory King, see C. Holmes, 'A Misplaced Tomb and the Inadequacies of the Common Law Action of Defamation

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