Strangeness enhancement at mid-rapidity in Pb-Pb collisions at 158 A GeV/ c

  title={Strangeness enhancement at mid-rapidity in Pb-Pb collisions at 158 A GeV/ c},
  author={R. A. Loconsole and Erin R. Andersen and Ganesh Jagannath Tambave and Nicola Armenise and H. Noel Bakke and A. Jacholkowska and Dario Barberis and Henry Beker and I. J. Bloodworth and Ian J Bloodworth and Johannes Bohm and Rocco Caliandro and Matthew G. Campbell and Eugenio Cantatore and Domenico Di Bari and M. Gabriela Catanesi and Elena Chesi and Mauro Dameri and Giovanni Darbo and A. Diaczek and Sergio Di Liberto and Brian Christopher Earl and Diego Elia and Diana Omo Evans and F. Fayazzadeh and Rosa Annna Fini and John C Fontaine and Jan Ftacnik and Benedetta Ghidini and Georg Grella and Mw Gruenewald and Erik Heijne and H{\aa}vard Helstrup and Alv Kjetil Holme and Dietmar Huss and Adam Wlodzimierz Jacholkowski and Goronwy Tudor Jones and Predrag Jovanovic and R. T. Jimenez Bustamante and Thomas Kachelhoffer and V A Katchanov and Andrew C. Kirk and Wolfgang Klempt and B. M. Knudsen and Ken. Knudson and G. Koyithatta Meethaleveedu and Ph. Leruste and Gunnar Lovhoiden and Milan Luptak and Verena Mack and Vittorio Manzari and Paolo Martinengo and Michel Mazzoni and Franco Meddi and Anissa Michalon and M. E. Michalon-Mentzer and Peter Middelkamp and Mariana Morando and M. T. Muciaccia and E. Nappi and J. L. Narjoux and Peter I Norman and Bianca Maria Osculati and Blahoslav Pastircak and Florence Pellegrini and Karel P{\'i}ska and Francesco Posa and Emanuele Quercigh and Renato Angelo Ricci and Gabriele Romano and Giulio La Rosa and Leonardo Paolo Rossi and Herbert Rotscheidt and Karel {\vS}afař{\'i}k and Saverio Salvatore Saladino and Carmen Salvo and Karel Safarik and T. Scognetti and Gianni Segato and Moustapha Sene and Rafael Sene and S. Vasile Simone and W. Snoeys and Pavel Staroba and Stanisław Szafran and Michael O. Thompson and T. F. Thorsteinsen and Giuseppe Tomasicchio and Giorgio Torrieri and Trine Spedstad Tveter and Jocelyn Urban and Madeleine Venables and Gerardo Antonio Herrera Corral and Michael Linus Knichel and A. Volte and O. Villalobos Baillie and P. Z{\'a}vada},
KS0, Λ, Ξ, Ω and negative particle h− yields and transverse mass spectra, measured at central rapidity in p-Pb and Pb-Pb collisions at 158 A GeV/c, are presented and discussed. Yields are studied as a function of the number of nucleons participating in the collision Npart, which have been estimated using the Glauber model. From p-Pb to Pb-Pb collisions the particle yields per participant increase substantially. Such an enhancement is more pronounced for multiply strange particles, and reaches… CONTINUE READING

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