Strange quark matter and compact stars

  title={Strange quark matter and compact stars},
  author={Fridolin Weber},
  journal={Progress in Particle and Nuclear Physics},
  • F. Weber
  • Published 7 July 2004
  • Physics
  • Progress in Particle and Nuclear Physics
Relativistic simulations of compact object mergers for nucleonic matter and strange quark matter
Under the assumption that the energy of the ground state of 3-flavor quark matter is lower than the one of nucleonic matter, the compact stellar remnants of supernova explosions are composed of this
Strangeness in neutron stars
It is generally agreed that the tremendous densities reached in the centres of neutron stars provide a high-pressure environment in which numerous novel particle processes are likely to compete with
The existence of deconfined quark matter in the superdense interior of neutron stars is a key question that has drawn considerable attention over the past few decades. Quark matter can comprise an
Superbursts from Strange Stars
Recent models of carbon ignition on accreting neutron stars predict superburst ignition depths that are an order of magnitude larger than those observed. We explore a possible solution to this
Strange matter in compact stars
We discuss possible scenarios for the existence of strange matter in compact stars. The appearance of hyperons leads to a hyperon puzzle in ab-initio approaches based on effective baryon-baryon
Phases of dense matter in compact stars
Formed in the aftermath of gravitational core-collapse supernova explosions, neutron stars are unique cosmic laboratories for probing the properties of matter under extreme conditions that cannot be
This paper provides a short overview of the multifaceted, possible role of quark matter for compact stars (neutron stars and strange quark matter stars). We began with a variational investigation of
The nature of pulsar-like compact stars is still in controversy although the first pulsar was found more than 40 years ago. Generally speaking, conventional neutron stars and non-mainstream quark
Neutron stars and the secret lives of quarks
The discovery of non-diffuse sources of gravitational waves through compact-object mergers opens new prospects for the study of physics beyond the Standard Model. In this Letter, we consider the


From Quark Matter to Strange Machos
This paper gives an overview of the properties of all possible equilibrium sequences of compact strange-matter stars with nuclear crusts, which range from strange stars to strange dwarfs. In contrast
Physics and astrophysics of strange quark matter
3-flavor quark matter (strange quark matter; SQM) can be stable or metastable for a wide range of strong interaction parameters. If so, SQM can play an important role in cosmology, neutron stars,
Quark Matter in Neutron Stars
  • F. Weber
  • Physics
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Neutron stars, spotted as pulsars by radio telescopes and x-ray satellites, contain matter up to ten times denser than atomic nuclei, thus providing a high-pressure environment in which numerous
Dense quark matter in compact stars
The densest predicted state of matter is colour superconducting quark matter, in which quarks near the Fermi surface form a condensate of Cooper pairs. This form of matter may well exist in the core
Neutron Star Cooling
▪ Abstract Observation of cooling neutron stars can potentially provide information about the states of matter at supernuclear densities. We review physical properties important for cooling such as
Quark stars with ‘realistic’ equations of state
THE possibility of a phase transition between nuclear matter and quark matter has been discussed in recent work1–13. Free quarks would presumably appear above a critical density pq, which is greater
Compact stars with color superconducting quark matter
We study compact stars that contain quark matter. We look at the effect of color superconductivity in the quark matter on the nuclear-quark matter transition density, mass-radius relationship, and
Strange Quark Matter in Physics and Astrophysics
The physical properties of stable strange quark matter/quark nuggets are described. Laboratory searches are briefly discussed, but the main emphasis of the review is on the astrophysical consequences