Strange quark contributions to parity-violating asymmetries in the backward angle G0 electron scattering experiment.

  title={Strange quark contributions to parity-violating asymmetries in the backward angle G0 electron scattering experiment.},
  author={D. Androi{\'c} and David S. Armstrong and Jacques Arvieux and Sean L. Bailey and Dr. Hans Beck and Elizabeth J. Beise and Jay Benesch and F. Benmokhtar and Louis Bimbot and James Birchall and Peter Bosted and H. A. Breuer and C. L. Capuano and Y A Chao and Ang{\'e}lique G Coppens and Christopher A. Davis and Chad R. Ellis and Giancarlo Flores and G. B. Franklin and C. Furget and David Gaskell and Martin Gericke and Joseph Grames and Goulven Guillard and J. C. Hansknecht and Tommy Horn and Melanie K. Jones and Paul M. King and Wolfgang Korsch and Stephan Kox and Lung-fei Lee and Jia Liu and Andreas Lung and J. Mammei and Jonathan W Martin and R. D. Mckeown and Maja Mihovilovi{\'c} and A. M. Micherdzinska and Hamlet Mkrtchyan and M. Muether and Shelley A. Page and Vassili Papavassiliou and Stephen F. Pate and Sarah K. Phillips and Ph Pillot and Margaret L M Pitt and Matthew Poelker and Brenda Quinn and Wayne Ramsay and J D Real and J. Roche and P. C. Roos and J. G. Schaub and T. Seva and Neven Simicevic and Granny Smith and D. T. Spayde and Marian E. Stutzman and Ramzi Suleiman and V. R. Tadevosyan and Willem T H Van Oers and Marieke G Versteegen and Eric Voutier and W. F. Vulcan and Simon P Wells and Simon Williamson and S. A. Wood},
  journal={Physical review letters},
  volume={104 1},
We have measured parity-violating asymmetries in elastic electron-proton and quasielastic electron-deuteron scattering at Q2=0.22 and 0.63 GeV2. They are sensitive to strange quark contributions to currents in the nucleon and the nucleon axial-vector current. The results indicate strange quark contributions of approximately < 10% of the charge and magnetic nucleon form factors at these four-momentum transfers. We also present the first measurement of anapole moment effects in the axial-vector… CONTINUE READING