Strand-specific real-time RT-PCR for distinguishing influenza vRNA, cRNA, and mRNA.

  title={Strand-specific real-time RT-PCR for distinguishing influenza vRNA, cRNA, and mRNA.},
  author={Eiryo Kawakami and Tokiko Watanabe and Ken Fujii and Hideo Goto and Shinji Watanabe and Takeshi Noda and Yoshihiro Kawaoka},
  journal={Journal of virological methods},
  volume={173 1},
Real-time RT-PCR is used to quantify individual influenza viral RNAs. However, conventional real-time RT-PCR, using strand-specific primers, has been shown to produce not only the anticipated strand-specific products, but also substantial amounts of non-strand-specific products, indicating lack of specificity. Therefore, in this study, a novel strand-specific real-time RT-PCR method was established to quantify the three types of influenza viral RNA (vRNA, cRNA, and mRNA) separately. This method… CONTINUE READING


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