Strand-1: Use of a $500 Smartphone as the Central a Vionics of a Nanosatellitete

  title={Strand-1: Use of a \$500 Smartphone as the Central a Vionics of a Nanosatellitete},
  author={Bob Dyer and James J. Parsons and D. L. Feltham and Rupert Taylor and Dale Mellor and Andrew B Schofield and Rosie Linehan and Richard M. Long and J. Fern{\`a}ndez and Haval Kadhem and Phil Davies and Jonathan Gebbie and Nick Holt and Peter Shaw and Lourens Visagie and Theodoros Theodorou},
STRaND-1 is the first in a series of Surrey Satelli te Technology Ltd. (SSTL)-Surrey Space Centre (SSC) collaborative satellites designed for the purpose o f t chnology path finding for future commercial ope rations. It is the first time Surrey has entered the CubeSat field and differs from most CubeSats in that it will fly a m odern Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) Android smartphone as a payload, along with a suite of advanced techno logies developed by the University of Surrey, and a payloa… CONTINUE READING
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