Strain engineering of the magnetic anisotropy and magnetic moment in NdFeO3 epitaxial thin films

  title={Strain engineering of the magnetic anisotropy and magnetic moment in 
 epitaxial thin films},
  author={M. A. Khaled and Juan M. Ruvalcaba and Teodoro C{\'o}rdova-Fraga and Donna C. Arnold and Nicolas Jaouen and Philippe Ohresser and Mustapha Jouiad and Khalid Hoummada and Brahim Dkhil and Mimoun El Marssi and H. Bouyanfif},
  journal={Physical Review Materials},
: Strain engineering is a powerful mean for tuning the various functionalities of ABO 3 perovskite oxide thin films. Rare-earth orthoferrite RFeO 3 materials such as NdFeO 3 (NFO) are of prime interest because of their intriguing magnetic properties as well as their technological potential applications especially as thin films. Here, using a large set of complementary and advanced techniques, we show that NFO epitaxial thin films, successfully grown by pulsed laser deposition on (001)-SrTiO 3… 

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