Strain-dependent vascular remodeling phenotypes in inbred mice.

  title={Strain-dependent vascular remodeling phenotypes in inbred mice.},
  author={Kelley J Harmon and L L Couper and Volkhard Lindner},
  journal={The American journal of pathology},
  volume={156 5},
We have recently established a mouse model of arterial remodeling in which flow in the left common carotid artery of FVB mice was interrupted by ligation of the vessel near the carotid bifurcation, resulting in a dramatic reduction of the lumen as a consequence of a reduction in vessel diameter and intimal lesion formation. In the present study we applied this model to various inbred strains of mice. Wide variations in the remodeling response with regard to reduction in vessel diameter, intimal… CONTINUE READING
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