Strain-controlled enzymatic cleavage of collagen in loaded matrix.

  title={Strain-controlled enzymatic cleavage of collagen in loaded matrix.},
  author={Jeffrey W. Ruberti and Nadim James Hallab},
  journal={Biochemical and biophysical research communications},
  volume={336 2},
The purpose of this investigation is to support the novel hypothesis that collagenous matrices are intrinsically "smart" load-adapting biomaterials. This hypothesis is based fundamentally on the postulate that tensile strain directly modulates the susceptibility of collagen molecules to enzymatic degradation (i.e., protects molecules which are under load from cleavage). To test this postulate, collagenase (Clostridiopeptidase A) was applied to a uniaxially loaded, anisotropic, devitalized… CONTINUE READING
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