Strain and sonar detection with lithium niobate coated core fiber

  title={Strain and sonar detection with lithium niobate coated core fiber},
  author={Madhukar Bansal and Philipp G. Kornreich and Dawit Negussey and James Flattery and James A. Mandel and Ronald M. Drake},
  booktitle={Defense + Commercial Sensing},
  • Madhukar Bansal, Philipp G. Kornreich, +3 authors Ronald M. Drake
  • Published in Defense + Commercial Sensing 2010
  • Engineering, Physics
  • We fabricate optical fiber with the same dimensions as standard communication single mode fiber (SMF) with the glass core surrounded by 40 to 60 nm thick lithium niobate (LiNbO3) film as schematically shown in Fig 1. Lithium Niobate Cylinder Fiber (LNCF) can be used as strain sensor and sonar detector. We use the LNCF in a mode where the strain causes a change in the light propagating through the fiber. 

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