Strain - Tolerant Cable Using Bi - 22 12 Superconductor


Abslraet-The high strnln sensitivity of Bf-2212 I s a major obstacle for I t s use as a practical conductor In high-ffdd magnet opplfcsttons. Most efforts to improve the mechnnlcal b b bavior of 181-2212 focus on strengthening the silver matrix by means of alloylng. We are reporting on the design and prb liminary testing of a straln-tolerant Bi-2212 cable that takes a different approach: Instead of relnforchg the conductor, It channels mecbsaical stress and strain away from it by prudent des@ of a Cable-in-Condult (CIC) assembly. Six strands of Bl-2212 are cabled around a thtn-walled Inconel X 750 tube and then sheathed In an outer armor that Is drawn onto the 6on-1 cable configuration.

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