Straightforward method for measuring optical fiber's nonlinear coefficient based on phase mismatching FWM.

  title={Straightforward method for measuring optical fiber's nonlinear coefficient based on phase mismatching FWM.},
  author={Guoxiu Huang and Yoshinori Yamamoto and Masaaki Hirano and Akihiro Maruta and Takashi Sasaki and Ken-ichi Kitayama},
  journal={Optics express},
  volume={21 17},
A novel method for measuring optical fiber's nonlinear coefficient, based on phase mismatching four-wave mixing is proposed. Measurements for both high nonlinearity dispersion shifted fiber and low nonlinearity standard single mode fiber are demonstrated with simple setup. Chromatic dispersion is also measured with high precision simultaneously, and therefore its effect to the nonlinear coefficient measurement can be removed. 
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Silica-Based Highly Nonlinear Fibers and Their Applications 山本 義典* 田村 欣章 長谷川 健美
光ファイバ内で発生する非線形現象は、広帯域光発生、ファイバレーザ、光増幅、光信号処理、センサ、計測、分光など非常に多くの 分野での応用が検討されており、シリカベース高非線形光ファイバ(HNLF)は、標準的なシングルモードファイバ(SMF)に比べて非 線形性が10倍以上大きいことに加え、伝送損失やSMFとの接続損失が低いこと、高次分散を含めた波長分散特性の高精度制御が可能


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