Storyworlds across Media

  title={Storyworlds across Media},
  author={Marie-Laure Ryan and Jan-No{\"e}l Thon},
principles implemented by the computer through calculation; yet unless the rules allow for fascinating gameplay (as in chess), it is the imaginative act of locating oneself in a fictional world that makes many games exciting. While in novels and films immersion in the fictional world is a sufficient source of satisfaction, in games it must be complemented by a sense of achievement that the ability to play the game efficiently provides. In order to develop this ability, the player must be able… 

Ancient Greece and Rome in Videogames: Representation, Player Processes, and Transmedial Connections

Videogames are a hugely popular entertainment medium that plays host to hundreds of different ancient world representations. They provide very distinctive versions of recreated historical and

Breaking the frame in historical fiction

ABSTRACT The historical note is a familiar device in historical fiction. While such devices have begun to attract scholarly attention, the focus has typically been on the way they signal the genre’s

Narrativity, worldmaking, and recorded popular song

This thesis develops a novel approach to hermeneutical popular song analysis through the application of cognitive narrative theory. Throughout, I develop a reader-oriented model of musical

Flat puppets on an empty screen, stories in the round Imagining space in wayang kulit and the worlds beyond

The puppets are flat, the screen against which they are placed and moved is white and devoid of scenery. In what kinds of space do the stories of the classical shadow-play of Java, Bali, Lombok, and

The Multimodal Evocation of Minds in Audio Drama

This article discusses the construction of fictional minds in audio drama. Drawing upon social semiotics, cognitive narratology, and the narratology of audio drama, it starts from the premise that a

Media Convergence and Transmedial Worlds (Part 2)/ Medienkonvergenz und transmediale Welten (Teil 2)

It is argued that the Scott Pilgrim franchise both integrates itself into the larger franchise by drawing on the other products, particularly through its visual aesthetics, and opens the door to a larger transmedial world by simulating its existence through references to other products that seem to, but do not in fact, exist in the authors' world.

Music and Transmediality: The Multi-Media Invasion of Jeff Wayne's Musical Version of The War of the Worlds

  • T. Summers
  • Art, Sociology
    Twentieth-Century Music
  • 2018
Abstract This article investigates music in the modern transmedial franchise. Popular culture franchises flow across different forms of media, taking the audience, and often the music, with them.

Ludology and narratology: Legend about the battle

The paper provides an overview and an analysis of the narratological and ludological approach to the study of video games and a review of the establishment of the fledgling field of game studies. The

Activity and learning contexts in educational transmedia

The idea of transmedial organisation emerged as the form adopted by much of today’s storytelling, combining different media, at different points in time, placing the user in a new situation with a

Mise en scène in the original and adaptation: narrative organisation of the event in its internal symbolism

  • Z. Ihina
  • Art
    Cognition, Communication, Discourse
  • 2019
This article explores narrative organisation of the event in the literary story Nunc dimittis by T. Lee and the screen version of the same name. The event in its entirety of concrete episodes is a



Narrative across media : the languages of storytelling

Narratology has been conceived from its earliest days as a project that transcends disciplines and media. The essays gathered here address the question of how narrative migrates, mutates, and creates

Possible Worlds, Artificial Intelligence, and Narrative Theory

From the Publisher: In this important contribution to narrative theory, Marie-Laure Ryan applies insights from artificial intelligence and the theory of possible worlds to the study of narrative and

What Novels Can Do That Films Can't (And Vice Versa)

The study of narrative has become so popular that the French have honored it with a term-la narratologie. Given the escalating and sophisticated literature on the subject, its English counterpart,

Basic elements of narrative

List of Illustrations. The Elements. Preface . The Scope and Aims of This Book. Storytelling Media and Modes of Narration. Acknowledgments . 1. Getting Started: A Thumbnail Sketch of the Approach

Border Talks: The Problematic Status of Media Borders in the Current Debate about Intermediality

The debate about intermediality is characterized by a variety of heterogeneous approaches, spanning a wide range of subject matter and research perspectives. A large number of critical approaches

The social construction of reality : a treatise in the sociology of knowledge

A general and systematic account of the role of knowledge in society aimed to stimulate both critical discussion and empirical investigations. This book is concerned with the sociology of 'everything

Laocoon: An Essay on the Limits of Painting and Poetry

Originally published in 1766, the "Laocoon" has been called the first modern attempt to define the distinctive spheres of art and poetry, and its author, Lessing, the first modern esthetician.

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Convergence Culture Where Old And New Media Collide

The convergence culture where old and new media collide is universally compatible with any devices to read and an online access to it is set as public so you can get it instantly.