Storytelling Globalization from the Chaco and Beyond

  title={Storytelling Globalization from the Chaco and Beyond},
  author={Mario Blaser},
About the Series Map List Preface Introduction. Globalization and the Struggle for Worlds and Knowledges Otherwise Part One. Puruhle/Genealogies 1. Laissez-Faire Progress: Invisibilizing the Yrmo 2. State-Driven Development: Stabilizing Modernity 3. Sustainable Development: Modernity Unravels? Part Two. Porowo/Moralities 4. Enacting the Yrmo 5. Taming Differences Part Three. Azle/Translations 6. Translating Neoliberalism 7. A World in which Many Worlds (Are Forced to) Fit 8. Becoming the Yshiro… 
Ethics, Politics, and Host Space: A Comparative Case Study from the South American Chaco
  • K. Lowrey
  • Political Science
    Comparative Studies in Society and History
  • 2011
This essay compares two communities of common origin that now dwell in separate rural lowland South American settings, one in the Bolivian Chaco and the other in the Paraguayan Chaco (maps 1 and 2).
From the margins to the mainstream : imagining socioecological futures in Wales
In light of widespread claims about a lack of imagination in response to socioecological crises, this study explores various projects in Wales in order to critically examine the kinds of imaginaries
Crossing Boundaries: Points of Encounter with People and Worlds ‘Otherwise’
In response to the combined comments of Padini Nirmal, Ingrid L. Nelson and Lyla Mehta, and their own considerable contributions to feminist research on political ecology, I have found myself
Plural Knowledges and Modernity: Social Difference and Geographical Explanations
My paper critically examines the ways in which different forms of geographical knowledge production are positioned in relation to place, environment and Indigenous peoples. Drawing on research in the
Confronting extractivism – the role of local struggles in the (un)making of place
Purpose The purpose of this paper is to examine the politics involved in local struggles against forestry extractivism. The forestry sector is dependent on vast areas of land for tree plantations.
Contesting the Colonial Logics of the International: Toward a Relational Politics for the Pluriverse
In this article, I offer a critical historical analysis of modernity, identifying tensions between logics of modernity that rely on premises of colonial and capitalist modernity as a universalizing
Skin, paper, tiles: A cross-cultural history of Kadiwéu art
  • L. Martins
  • Art, History
    Journal of Material Culture
  • 2018
This article focuses on the global traffic in images relating to Kadiwéu culture in South America, analysing the extent to which they are entangled in the group’s continuing sense of presence. It
The Creatures Collective: Manifestings
This piece explores the work and entanglements of our research collective, formed in 2016. First, we collectively articulate the ethos and the motivations that inform the ways in which we labor to