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Storytelling: Art and Technique

  title={Storytelling: Art and Technique},
  author={Ellin Peterson Greene and Janice M. Del Negro and Jack David Zipes},
Contents Foreword Preface For Story's Sake: Reading as Its Own Reward PART I: HISTORY AND PRACTICE Chapter 1: Storytelling: A Historical Perspective Chapter 2: Storytelling to Children in Libraries Chapter 3: Purpose and Values of Storytelling Chapter 4: Selection Chapter 5: Preparation Chapter 6: Presentation Chapter 7: Storytelling to Children with Special Needs Storytelling in Special Settings Chapter 8: Storytelling to Young Children Chapter 9: Storytelling to Young Adults Chapter 10… 
Children's storytelling technologies: Differences in elaboration and recall
Results illustrated that the spatial computer presentation assisted in many storytelling areas, with greater benefits in elaboration than in recall, and children’s stories showed more complex story structure and a greater understanding of initiating events and goals.
The Art of Storytelling: Telling Truths Through Telling Stories
Storytelling is an art, as well as a skill. It allows the listener to take an idea and shape it into something that is relatable on a personal level. In The Art of Storytelling: Telling Truths
Children’s storytelling technologies 1 Running head: CHILDREN’S STORYTELLING TECHNOLOGIES Children’s storytelling technologies: Differences in elaboration and recall
This study examined the elaboration and recall of children’s stories through an analysis of the content and structure of children’s retelling of a wordless picture book. The book was presented to 72
Storytelling and Cybercartography: The William Commanda story
  • Romola V. Thumbadoo, D. Taylor
  • Art
    Further Developments in the Theory and Practice of Cybercartography - International Dimensions and Language Mapping
  • 2019
Capturing the dynamics of narrative development in an oral storytelling performance: A multimodal perspective
This article investigates how the dynamics of narrative development in an oral storytelling performance can be captured so as to explain its aesthetic and communicative effectiveness. In the light of
This paper examines the impact of incorporating storytelling and personal narrative creation in pre-elementary and elementary curriculum on cognitive, moral and oral language development. An
TinkRBooks : tinkerable story elements for emergent literacy
Textual tinkerability, an idea for demonstrating reading by using multisensory gestures to expose and alter the text-graphic relationship within the story, is presented.
Storytelling: Language Experience for Meaning Making.
As a professional storyteller I always marvel at the magic and power of sto ries. Whenever I look out at my audi ence I see that eager anticipation on their faces, and as soon as we begin, that
Story-dialogue: creating community through storytelling
This narrative case study examines the role of storytelling in creating community with grade 7 students. Twelve girls, and eleven boys, ages 12 to 13, participated in this classroom-based study.
Comparing the Relationship of Storytelling and Storybook Reading to Kindergartners' Ability to Sequentially Retell a Story Using Pictures
The purpose of this study was to determine if there was a statistically significant difference in kindergartners' sequential retelling of a story read to them from a book (read aloud) as compared to